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Agora is provided in 10mg or 25mg dosages, providing the maximum absorption and optimum bioavailability.


Our formulations are developed through a microemulsion technology that uniformly disperses in microfluidic droplets

Fast Acting Topical Gel

Extremely fast acting due to its ability to perform using our proprietary 2nm ultra-nano particle size.

A Brief History

Active Driven Terpenes–NOT to be confused with the psychotropic plant called marijuana–has been used for thousands of years in human history for a variety of purposes: medicine, foods, oils, art canvases, clothes, paper, and much much more.

The Science

Functions of the Endocannabinoid System

The endocannabinoid system is perhaps the most crucial biological system involved in creating and maintaining optimum homeostasis in your body. Endocannabinoids and related CB1 and CB2 receptor sites are produced and found nearly everywhere in your body. They are in your brain, tissues, organs, glands, and cells. In each region, your endocannabinoid system performs countless functions with one sole purpose, homeostasis….


Unlike chemically derived Terpenes, we do not alter the plants integrity. Agora Terpene is extracted by a chemical-free process that invokes all of the plant’s natural synergy. We extract the natural fatty acids, waxes, minerals, and vitamins to create a potent phyto-rich, broad spectrum, “as found in nature” supplement for your body.

We call this the “entourage effect,” which provides you the potential of Active Terpenes in their natural state. We are convinced this form of Terpene is the most efficacious and takes advantage of the whole plant interacting with your endocannabinoid system, just as nature intended.

Are Terpenes LEGAL?

Agora Terpenes is 100% legal anywhere in the World. This is because Agora Terpenes is derived from a natural plant. The FDA acknowledges that Terpenes are legal in USA, enacted under the 2018 US Farm Bill.

HOW LONG DO Active Driven Terpenes TAKE TO WORK?

This certainly varies from person to person as do the dosages. Most people take 10mg. – 40mg. per dosage and this could be a 10mg. gel cap or a dropper full of oil which comes in a 1-ounce bottle labeled 250 which is also 10mg. or 60mg. We have seen and heard that most people experience growing relief within as little as 20 minutes.

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